Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Onwards again.

After a bad experience at our local hospital last week I was a bit nervous about heading back to our out of town option this morning for a consultant appointment. Not that I thought they would be as bad but was not relishing the prospect of trying to explain what had gone on last week to a team who had no access to my notes from the time and nothing but my word for it.

It didn't get off to a great start as half way there in morning rush hour traffic we realised I had left my hand held maternity notes on the sofa and had to arrange for my mother to go get them and meet my husband at the half way point, which meant I'd have to be dumped on antenatal on my own to wait for the verdicts.

Other than these hiccups it actually went really well, there was no pulling of hair our over lack of notes and no patronising assertion, as had been suggested several time by the other hospital, that sitting on the floor putting my son's shoes on cause a panic attack which lasted 12 hours.

To counter act a panic attack on the part of my son at the thought a doctor or nurse might suddenly kidnapp his mother we had a lovely walk around the park to take some pictures and were very nicely blessed with some fab winter sunshine!

So onto the next weeks worth of medical intervention, a 24 hour ECG trace, a glucose tolerance test, a cardiac echo and follow up next week. Phew! Well at least we are paying tax to finance all these NHS hours....

swirls ~ HBW

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