Sunday, 4 January 2009

Ever had your children put you to shame?

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I have, just this morning. I'm not talking about the spine chilling supermarket screaming fit, stroking strangers legs to feel their tights or asking someone why they have a tooth missing - all of which I have experienced within the last 6 weeks. No I mean the (rare) moments where they act in a more responsible and respectable way than you.

This morning we took our family to church, on the journey there we lectured the children on proper behaviour, no shouting during prayers, no animal noises, no kicking, no hitting, no arson , the usual.

As the first song began I had my newborn daughter sleeping in her car sear beside me and my 6 going on 16 year old daughter begging to be picked up to read the song words, something my surgery and her weight precludes right now. I relented + suggest she stand on the chair next to me + I would hold her hand.

A few lines in I glanced across to check she was behaving and there she was reading every word to "Open the eyes of my heart" singing her heart out with her hands thrown in the air, worshiping with everything she has.

Honestly in that moment I was a little jealous of my lovely daughter feeling so free + able to let herself go in that way without caring if she looks a bit daft. During the sermon I realised she sets examples for me in so many ways, frequently when she is being 'punished' by being sent to her room I find her reading her bible and she keeps a bible I received for my confirmation next to her bed and reads it when she wakes earlier than the rest of the family. She is also much more thankful and less demanding in her prayers than me.

I learned through some teaching that God uses our children to sanctify us and today I have certainly found that to be the case. Thank you God for all the Blessings and challenges you have sent through our children and all those yet to come.

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