Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Behind the scenes -photography on a shoes string.

I love simple photos with a plain background but in a house with 3 young children it can be so difficult to find the time, space or finance to do it!

But what has God gifted mother's with most? Creativity so why not play to those strengths? To get a plain background for a simple play doh tubs family shot I used what I had on hand, something that's in endless supply with a refluxy baby in the house, yes laundry!

I used Bethany's pooh bear blanket to create a neutral background and propped it up on a box which contains my 21st birthday champagne glass and laid a coat hanger over the top to make my 'backdrop' wider.

Not perfect but I was pleased with the results considering my little man even managed to continue playing beside my tabletop studio!

The results are here.

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