Monday, 28 July 2008

Fogged off + fogged on

Fog, along with the NHS, has been another virtually constant feature of our lives in the last 7 days. Causing disruption when my friends husband was fogged on the rig in the middle of the week when his eldest son was in and out of hospital and holding off the air show we had agonised over attending.

Having no turned on local radio we had no idea there was even any fog at all when we set off front our sun-bathed front door to set the red arrows however we soon realised the number of cars driving in the opposite direction did in fact have a good amount of significance.

So we opted for ice cream at the top of Marsden cliffs, where you couldn't see the bottom because of the fog and walk back to the car park, that again you couldn't see from the ice cream van.

My Grandmother would have serious words with me for taking my kids outside in the fog, she swears she got asthma from being outside in the fog...

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